From Chairman

Founded on July 18, 1992, Greenland Group has a history of more than 20 years. It has been adhering to the enterprise tenet “Greenland, Better Life”, exactly responded to the government and followed the laws of the market. Through simultaneous development of industrial operation and capital operation, it has formed the industrial layout highlighting real estate industry and simultaneously developing energy, finance and other related industries. In 2014, Greenland Group ranked the 268th among the world’s top 500 enterprises listed in American Fortune. In the same year, the business operating income reached 402.1 billion Yuan, increased by 22% compared with that in the previous year, among which, the pre-sales amount of real estate business was240.8 billion Yuan, increased by 50%compared with that in the previous year; the pre-sales area was 21.15 million square meters, increased by 30% compared with that in the previous year. The two indexes have enjoyed rapid growth in consecutive years, hitting a record high. Greenland Group’s business operating income has reached 450 billion in 2015 and it will be up to 800 billion by 2020!

Greenland Group is in the leading position for the development scale, product type and high-quality brand of its real estate industry, especially in super high-rise buildings, large urban complex, high-speed rail station business district and industrial park development. Following the trend of economic globalization, Greenland Group expands overseas market steadily at a full speed. Currently, it has successfully marched into 12 cities of the United States, Australia, Canada, Britain, Germany, South Korea and other three countries on four continents, striving to become a global business leader in Chinese real estate industry. From single development to integrated development, from domestic development to international development, from simple development to development and operation at the same time, the Group has accumulated strength for years and gets ready to rise abruptly. The “transformation” of Greenland real estate industry has been converted into competitive advantages really from quantitative change to qualitative change. In the meantime, Greenland Group intensifies the industrial development again. It marches into the subway industry, implementing three subway projects in Xuzhou, Nanjing and Chongqing; focuses on “big finance”, doubling the size of financial industry profits over the previous year; expands the “high consumption” field, copying Greenland Direct Global Goods rapidly… Develop emerging industries and upgrade the current industries simultaneously. Greenland Group’s new development pattern of diversified industry will further be improved and upgraded, to bring continuous power to its future development.

In the next five years, Greenland Group will focus on completion of a number of core strategic tasks to achieve a comprehensive upgrade and realize re-growth. In general, the overall layout of accelerating the formation of “3+X” industrial cluster will be taken to truly build a transnational corporation leading the times with sustainable growth, excellent benefits, global business, diversified development and continuous innovation, completing the important transformation from “Chinese Greenland” to “World’s Greenland”. It is strived to achieve 800 billion Yuan for the business income in 2020, and enter into the world’s top 100 enterprises for itself.

As the commercial real estate management headquarters of Greenland Group, the Business Group has made many outstanding achievements in the business field by integration of resources, innovative business model and efficient strategy execution and firmly relies on Greenland Group’s comprehensive strength and resource advantages as an industry leader. It has established strategic cooperation with many domestic and international well-known enterprises, vigorously promoting the Group’s order-oriented development of commercial real estate. Following the industry trend and development requirements, it has launched Greenland business brand construction, forming the three series “Sihai (Four Seas), Bafang (All Directions) and Renhe (Human Harmony)”. The Greenland center, GREENLAND BEING FUNNY and others have caused the industry concern. A number of the Group’s key projects have been opened. Beijing GREENLAND BEING FUNNY, Shanghai Greenland Bund Square and Nanchang Greenland Center were launched one after another. In addition, it actively develops new business at the request of the Group’s strategic transformation. From 2014, it began to quickly copy the Greenland Direct Global Goods, expanding the “high consumption” field successfully.

Keep going and pass down. Reviewing the past, we feel proud; looking into the future, we have high morale and will stride into a new era. In the next few years, the Business Group will continue to expand its business by virtue of innovation and prudent and pragmatic spirit. We will make continuous efforts to build grand foundation and continue to write the brilliant chapter of booming Greenland business.

Chairman, General manager